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Let's start at the beginning

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Why blog?

I thought I would start with a little background on me and why I started this blog. I guess the biggest thing is I needed an outlet to store and share my recipes and love for cooking. For about six years now I have been doing more cooking from scratch and have been looking for a place to share my recipes. I have found many recipes over the years from other great cooks that over time, I make my "own" with my own tweaks and changes based on what my picky eaters will enjoy. It started one day when I realized that I absolutely dreaded the "what's for dinner question". Every night was the same... a race to see who could ask the question first. I would ask for ideas of what my family wanted and the response was what do we have? What do we have? What do we have? The same thing we always have, boxed meals, frozen pizzas, etc...

I finally decided enough was enough. I was tired of the same old things, buying boxed meals or premade heat up meals from the freezer. I was also very tired of trying to figure out what we were going to have after a long day of work and making decisions all day. See, I am an introvert and after a day of being in the office being "on" all the time, I am exhausted some days and just looking to do anything other than make the decision of what we should eat. So I decided that I would start finding recipes of meals that I could make, at least one new recipe a week and also create a meal plan for each week. That way I would know exactly what I needed to get for groceries on our weekly shopping trip. Over time the recipes I would find would make meal planning easier each week. I am now at a point where I'm not only meal planning for the dinners at night, but also thinking about the leftovers each would bring for lunches during the week as well. We do still have the occasional frozen lasagna or boxed noodle mixes, but those are less common, maybe one meal during the week. I have realized how much I enjoy cooking and making recipes that my family just loves and that are my own. Oh and did I mention baking!?! I love baking too, but try to keep that to a minimum... 😏

But besides cooking and sharing recipes, I also find myself seeing changes in the world around me that are troubling. I am not a political person. I definitely don't like arguing about politics, but more and more I struggle with what I am seeing and how I can express my thoughts on it people in a way that is not confrontational as you see most frequently now, especially during elections, on social media. I am not a quick response person. I am a thinker... As mentioned, I am an introvert and do a lot of internalizing of my thoughts. So to that end, I'm hoping to be able to share thoughts and stories I see around me and my feelings on them. During the last election year, I wrote a 3 page story about my thoughts on what was happening with politics and the pandemic, but had no place to put it or send it. So it still sits in a word document on my computer unread by anyone but me.

In the end, I wish I knew how to fix the world we live in and spread more kindness. And I know that me alone can't do that with just a blog, but I hope to find other like minded people who are looking to do similar things as me. We don't all have to agree on everything, but we should be able to agree on being kind to others and fair to others. And maybe share some cooking tips and tricks along the way.

Thanks for reading!

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